Be Part of the Solution

Interested in attending but need approval?  Please find below a customized letter for you to use if you need assistance getting approval from your manager to attend Artia Crossroads.  You may edit it to your needs, and be sure to fill in the highlighted sections with your information.

We hope to see you at Crossroads!

Hi [manager name],

I am requesting your consideration and approval to attend a first-of—its-kind event for the pharmaceutical industry – Crossroads: An Artia Solutions Conference. It will be held in Nashville, TN, from November 7-9, 2018, and will bring a range of invested sectors together to find common ground and spark innovation related to Medicaid issues.

This is the inaugural year for Crossroads, but it’s being organized by some of the top influencers in America working at the intersection of pharma and Medicaid. Their goal is to ultimately drive solutions by initiating bold conversations about pharmaceutical trends, healthcare reform, new regulations, state concerns, and more from a variety of perspectives.

Their agenda will focus on:

  • Federal regulations on new drugs and approval processes and reviews
  • Medicaid drug coverage
  • Reimbursement models
  • The impact of opioid and addiction treatment drug prescribing

While at Crossroads, I will have the opportunity to participate in several networking opportunities—including Speed Networking, which will give me the chance to interact one-on-one with the states we need to reach. During designated timeslots at the conference, manufacturers will be able to spend a pre-determined amount of time networking with a state—either in person or via webinar.

I believe that by attending Crossroads, I will learn:

  • [Takeaway 1]
  • [Takeaway 2]
  • [Takeaway 3]

I will share all of my insights with the team when I return, and I’m confident I’ll have even more takeaways than the ones listed above.

From now until April 30, 2018, we can save $500 with early-early bird registration for a total of $1,950. The earlier I register, the better chance I’ll be able to snag an ideal timeslot for Speed Networking. (Please note: this cost does not include hotel. Hotel bookings are not yet open.)

To learn more about Crossroads, visit

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to your feedback.